Editorial Services

Editorial Services

I see you’ve made it to my editorial page.  Yay!  You should definitely stick around.

Whether you’re a self-published author, a writer seeking representation, or some other mixture of the two, you probably know you can’t get anywhere in the publishing sphere without a well written book.

I offer two main services, detailed below, and have considerable experience in the publishing industry.  I’ve written six published novels and have lots of experience dealing with agents, publishers, and readers.  I understand what agents and publishers are looking for in query letters, and what readers are looking for in the novels they read.  I currently work as a first reader for my publisher where I read and review manuscripts for publication.  Along with beta reading for many writers, I’m also familiar with writing an editorial letter given to the author upon a complete reading of the book.  Currently, I’m a junior in college majoring in English Writing.

In addition, I offer competitive pricing and prompt communication and feedback.  I truly want you to succeed.


This service includes a read-through of the manuscript with a close eye on grammar, structure, voice, and minimal content.  This will include fixing all grammatical errors, tightening voice, and posing overall suggestions to the quality of writing.  There will be no rewrites or deep content evaluation.

$.002 per word


This service provides a more in-depth evaluation of the manuscript.  It includes the above proofreading services (fixing grammatical and structural errors) as well as my insights on content, such as overall story, pacing, characters, writing, etc.  There will be no rewrites added to the manuscript, rather a detailed editorial letter with overall thoughts and suggestions will be provided.

$.003 per word


I’m also open to editing/giving feedback on other book-related things such as book synopsizes and query letters.  Remember, these are just as important as the novel itself, if not more so!  These are the first things agents and publishers see about your novel and you want it to reflect how great your work is.

I’ll take a look at your query letter or synopsis and edit out all grammatical errors and restructure sentences as need be.

Rate will be $15 per synopsis or query letter (unless very minimal work is needed).

Types of genres accepted:

I’m open to editing most genres but have the most experience in young adult, middle grade, romance, and science fiction and can therefore give better feedback in those areas.

I don’t accept erotica or graphic horror (light horror is fine, just no gore).

Since my rate is a set amount per word, it’s up to you how much of your manuscript you’d like to submit to me.

Half of payment will be due upon submission of work; the other half will be paid upon completion.

If you’re interested in any of these editorial services, just shoot me an email at authorpauline@gmail.com!


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