About Me


I’m 20.  I’m a senior in college, majoring in English.  And I write books.  Some of them include the young adult Mechanical Trilogy (Mechanical, Perfect, and Flawed), and my recent jaunt with fairytale retellings; Puppet (Pinocchio) and Hourglass (Peter Pan).

I published my first novel when I was fourteen and haven’t stopped since, so the last six years of my life have been dedicated to publishing (and hopefully so will my future).  I’ve worked with three different publishers of various success, tried my hand at self-publishing, and I currently work on the other side of the spectrum as a First Reader for query letters and manuscripts.

I have a YouTube channel where I review and discuss my book obsession, and this blog is where I explore the authorly side of things.  Namely, writing tips, publishing explanations and so on.

You can also find me at the links below.

My Twitter: @PaulineCHarris

Booktube Lovliness: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqVoe5LJRdWMi_oVJ94Cow




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