New Book! For Free!

So I’m trying something new.


Well, actually I’ve used Wattpad before, but not in awhile. Anyway, I decided to post the entire draft of one of my novels up there before/if I publish it. Just for fun.

If you’re not familiar with what Wattpad is, it’s basically just a site where you can read free books/stories that people have written, or post your own. Really cool, really easy to use.

So if you’ve liked my previous books, especially my fairytale retellings, you should definitely check it out. This particular novel is called Heartless and is a gender bent retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Very fun and creepy and full of retelling craziness. Below is the synopsis and the link to the entire book on Wattpad.

wattpad heartless cover.jpg

Everyone knows about the monsters.  The ones who lurk beneath the surface of the Earth, in the darkest corners and the darkest crevices, leaking into the daylight to snatch the hearts of their victims.

These are the monsters eighteen-year-old Crew has signed up to kill.  By joining the Heartless, the most vicious military sect in the nation, he’s agreed to go underground, into the miles-long tunnels and caves, to hunt the monsters that few people have truly ever seen.

Monsters like seventeen-year-old Britta.  Roaming the caves below ground, hiding from the Heartless and doing what she can to survive.  Because if she can’t find a way to steal a human heart by her eighteenth birthday, her life will end.

But when Crew and Britta cross paths their lives are suddenly thrown upside down as they unwittingly stumble right into the arms of their enemies.  Each with their own secret that could break their worlds; a secret that could kill Crew’s career, and a secret that could snap their fragile trust.  That Crew, a member of the Heartless, has never had the guts to kill.  And that Britta, slowly winning the heart of the only human she’s ever known, has taken more lives than he could possibly imagine.

Check it out!

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