HOURGLASS! 99 cents for October!

It’s October! And as we all know, October is the absolute best month of the year. The pretty weather, the colors, the pumpkins, the coffees…

Some reasons I’m looking forward to this October:

  2. Pumpkins!
  3. Sweater weather!
  4. Christmas is coming (yes, I know Christmas isn’t until December but it’s coming)!
  5. My scifi retelling of Peter Pan, HOURGLASS, is on sale for 99 cents for the month of October!

Yeah, the actual point of this post.  If you haven’t read Hourglass yet, it’s a science fiction retelling of Peter Pan told from the point of view of a female Caption Hook.  Lots of fun. It also has a lot of creepiness involved and since October is home to creepy things like Halloween, I thought it was a nice fit.

I have the synopsis, cover, and link to Amazon below, so you might as well check it out. 😉

Jude Sprocket has been a pirate her whole life. Taken in by a man who found her alone on a distant planet at the age of seven, all she has to remember of her past life is the loss her hand – the vague memory of a race through the woods and a bloody aftermath.

Now, her father recently dead, seventeen-year old Jude has inherited his spaceship – Hourglass. Determined to get off Earth and continue her father’s legacy of piracy, she assembles a crew and takes to the stars.

But more than abandoned ships and hidden treasure await Jude in the vast void of space. She’s haunted by dreams of a distant land, children hiding in the shadows, and a little girl she somehow feels the need to find.

When Jude and her crew stumble across an uncharted planet, curiosity gets the better of them and they land, unaware of the dangers that wait. Suddenly, Jude’s worst nightmares are coming true. The monsters she feared in the dark, the children that haunt her mind, the little girl from her dreams – and the planet she was never meant to leave.


Sound interesting? Go get it! 😀



2 thoughts on “HOURGLASS! 99 cents for October!

  1. tpesce2015 says:

    Just bought your book! It’s perfect weather for reading it – curl up in a chair chilly, with a comforter and a cat. Then journey far, far away as I turn the pages …

    On another note, I can distinctly remember the age of 20 being this mysterious, adult thing. No more “teen” on the age number. And I, too, thought that was the age I was supposed to know everything. Due to the fact that I STILL don’t know everything, I can truly tell you that 20 is a number that means you are in one of the most challenging, wondrous decades of your life. In prime mental and physical condition, young and beautiful, smart and strong, with decades ahead to make dreams come true, to take plans to fruition, to make and keep promises, to create a legacy to last for eons. Someday you’ll look at your hands, your throat, your eyes and mutter, “What happened?!” So look at them now, and rejoice exceedingly. And remember 20 does not mean you must know everything. All of life is the discovery of life.

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