I Finished My Novel. Now What?

I finished my book now what

So you wrote a book.

First of all, congratulations!  Yay!  Confetti, chocolate, coffee, and dancing!

Now, the work begins.  I know, I know, you just wrote a book and that’s work enough.  Sadly, the work doesn’t stop there.  It’s kind of like you just hiked up half a mountain, but there still about a hundred miles to go.  But don’t fret.  At least the first part is done.



First off, you’re going to need to tackle some editing.  First drafts are never, ever, ever, ready for publication.  Take a week off, distance yourself from the book and then go back and read through it, just to see how the book feels.  You’re going to want to start with larger edits, such as plot and character issues, and eventually narrow down to things like typos and grammatical structures.  If you want to see some of my older posts on editing, links are below.


Beta Readers

Beta readers are the best things in the world.  In short, beta readers are simply people who are willing to read your early drafts of manuscripts and give you feedback.  Now, although family members and friends are easily accessible and there’s definitely nothing wrong with having them read it, you’re going to want some people who are likely to be a little more objective.  You want brutal honesty in this stage of editing.  I’ve asked people I’ve met through blogging and booktubing to read my manuscripts and that’s worked out well for me.

What kind of publishing do I want?

Once you’ve edited your book to perfection and have had multiple eyes glance through it, you’re going to want to figure out what your plans are for the book.  If publishing is your ultimate goal, you need to decide what kind of publishing.

There are many, many, many different kinds of publishing, including traditional publishing, indie publishing, self-publishing and vanity presses just to name a few.  You’ll need to pick which one is right for you.  I’ve done various posts on all these types, including why I chose to try the ones I did.  Links below.



This goes along with what I just mentioned about the multiple types of publishing.  Research all of these and find pros and cons with each.  Publishing has changed so much within the last decade and might not be quite what you expect.

Once you decide the path you want to take, you’ll also need to research how to get there.  This might include things like query letters, finding literary agents, online marketing, etc.    The main point I’m trying to make is that research is the best way to start your publishing journey.

I also have posts on things like query letters and marketing – those links are below.



Good luck with your publishing endeavors.  Thanks for reading and have an excellent day!

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