PUPPET excerpt!

puppet banner 3

Soooo, Puppet’s release is just a month away!  And to celebrate that fact, I thought I’d post a little excerpt from the book.  So here you go:

I hesitate for a moment, biting my lip before finally narrowing my eyes, saying, “Okay,” and walking toward the stage.  A wide grin stretches across the man’s face while he runs up to grab his remote control.  I hear James sigh behind me as he follows me up the stairs, watching the puppeteer suspiciously the whole time.

I sit down across from the marionette that hasn’t moved since our last arm wrestle.  Suddenly it comes to life, sitting up straight and placing its elbow on the table like last time.  I press my hand against the marionette’s synthetic one and on the count of three, we both begin.  I feel the machine shudder underneath my hand as I squeeze and press against it.  The puppet’s arm bends backward as I push it toward the table and I hear a small popping sound from within the metal arm.  I push harder and in a matter of seconds, the arm is placed firmly on the table, the marionette leaning toward it in an incredibly awkward and broken manner.  It was never designed to lose.  

Puppet comes out October 24th 2014, so don’t forget to check it out when it’s released, and in the meantime, add it on goodreads! 😉  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23015970-puppet

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