Why Twitter should matter to you

So you’ve written a book and you’re thinking about getting it published, or maybe you’re already published.  Maybe you hear about Twitter every once in a while, or maybe you even have an account.

Twitter, you say?  What does this have to do with writing and selling novels?  Well, I’m going to be telling you about the importance of Twitter to you, as an author, and not just Twitter but social media sites in general.  Because believe me, they are much more important than you think.


Creating a platform.


Twitter is great for creating a platform and before you ask what a platform is, it’s basically followers and people who like you and your books (here’s a more detailed post I wrote here: https://paulinecharris.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/marketing-the-importance-of-the-author-platform/comment-page-1/)  And platforms are insanely important.  Especially as a self-published or indie author, a platform is everything.  You need one and Twitter is a great place to start building.  The great thing about Twitter is that it’s pretty easy to meet people and get followers.  You follow some people with similar interests, you start some conversations and you get a follower.  Now, you’re not going to get a million followers overnight, but one hundred followers who are interested in you and your work is better than one thousand who don’t really care at all.  So try to build relationships and get to know people.  I’ll bet you’ll  meet some interesting people and learn lots of stuff (I definitely have!).


Creating a brand


This is a lot like building a platform, but just a little different.  Remember, you as an author, are a brand.  People come to you because they like your books, so you need to stay consistent and interesting as the brand for your novels.  So create a persona.  Tweet about things that have to do with your book, like fun articles about writing, or maybe about robots if your book happens to be about that, etc.




Twitter is also a great place to do some easy marketing.  But before you go ahead and tweet every thirty seconds about how great your book is, hold off.  Remember, you don’t want to bombard people’s feeds with nothing but links to your books.  Instead, you can be strategic.  You can tweet excitedly about your book’s cover reveal, or its release date.  Maybe your book is on sale for $0.99 or you’re coming out with a new one.  Keep tweets about your books to only when you have something to say about them.  And then keep the rest of your tweets fun and interesting.  I know from personal experience, I never click on the random tweets sent out in hordes with nothing but links to people’s books.  Instead, if I’m intrigued by the person, I’ll then go check out their book.


And finally, I’ve found countless books on Twitter alone, perusing tweets and fining new authors whose books I love.  So if I found new books on Twitter, and other people have found mine, think of how many new readers you might gain.


Good luck with your books and have a great day!


~ Pauline

2 thoughts on “Why Twitter should matter to you

  1. Allison Ruvidich says:

    I’m reading this a bit late, but that is totally true! As a book reviewer, I am very active on my twitter account; that’s where I learn about a lot of new books.

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