What to do with Random Story Ideas

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Okay so this is just a random quick post on basically organizing your ideas, because if you’re a writer (which you probably are if you’re reading this) you most likely get tons of ideas – way too many to know what to do with.


So, for me, stories come to me in bits and pieces.  Titles, characters, names, themes, settings, etc.  And when it comes time for me to write another book, I delve into all those ideas and pick and choose the good ones.


Soooo…I created a story box!  And basically, whenever I get an idea for anything – a character, a setting, a type of book I want to write, I jot it down and throw it in the box.  (It’s a hat box that I mod podged a bunch of writing to 😉 )  And I mean any idea at all.  Nothing is too small to be considered an idea for a story.  Examples:


I want to write a story from a guy’s point of view.

I want to write a steampunk novel.

I want a character named Charlotte.

I want a character with green eyes.

I want a story about simulations.

I want to write a book where the main character has a goat (seriously, this is in my hat box)


And then, when you find yourself in the situation of wanting to write another book, open your box and find pieces that fit together.  Such as: I’m going to write a steampunk book, about a girl named Charlotte with green eyes, who has a goat.  Now you’ve got a story to write.


And make it fun!  Decorate your box with pictures or quotes or your own writing!  That way it’s an art project and an art piece in your room instead of just an ugly box. 😛


And I find it much more satisfying to have a bunch of pieces of paper with ideas on them thrown into a lovely box rather than saved in files on your computer.  It’s just more fun. 🙂


Anyway, this was just a quick post for fun, and good luck with your writing!


~ Pauline

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