Marketing: The Importance of Book Reviews

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Okay, so a big question I had when I first started marketing, was “how to I market when I have absolutely no money?”  But I soon found out that, luckily, it’s very easy nowadays to inexpensively market your book.  Along with an author platform (I talk about that in a previous post) book reviews are a huge way to get exposure for your book.

Now, why are book reviews important and what about if/when I get negative ones?


Book reviews are ridiculously important because it shows that other people have read your book and they’re taking the time to talk about it.  And although getting your friends and family to post reviews on your page is good, after awhile people might get suspicious of the only-five-star reviews saying things like “loved it!” or “this author is SO good!”  Get other people to really read your book and give their honest opinion.  And even a few negatives reviews are okay.  Negative reviews show that real people are reading and reviewing your work, not just your friends and family.  A few negative reviews thrown in there won’t hurt you too much in the long run.

Also, getting more reviews on sites such as Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble give your book credibility and more exposure.  When you see a largely reviewed novel on Amazon you assume they’re a pretty successful author, right?  And if they’re a successful author, their stuff is probably good, right?  So why not click on it, read the blurb and maybe buy it?

How do I get reviews?


When I first started marketing, I soon found out that getting reviews was much easier than I had thought.  And here’s why: bloggers.  Bloggers are totally great in getting reviews.  There are so many blog sites out there that specialize in young adult books, indie books, romance books, science fiction books, etc.  So peruse through Twitter, through Google searches and find a handful of bloggers to submit to.  They most likely will have a “Review Policy” page on their website and will give you the information you need to submit your book.  You can usually send them a physical copy of the book, or an ebook format, such as a pdf.

Hopefully this helped and good luck marketing your book!

~ Pauline

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