Super Easy Book Trailers!

Okay, so from the very beginning of my publishing journey, I’d always wanted a book trailer for my book.  I mean, how cool is the idea of a book trailer??  I was in love with the idea from the very first time I ever saw one.  So when Mechanical came out, I excitedly started to work on it…


Until I realized how hard it is.  Almost all songs and photos are copyrighted and unless you have some serious filming and editing skills (not to mention a good video editor program), you’re book trailer may not turn out so well…


So I had basically resigned from the idea of ever having a book trailer for Mechanical, until I found  I’m sure there are other sites out there that could do the exact same thing, but I’m completely in love with  Basically, you sign up for a free account and you can make as many videos as you want.  Although, if you only have the free account, you can only make thirty second videos (which is actually the perfect length for a book trailer, so it’s all good ;).  They have tons of templates and all you do is upload some photos (like your book cover) and some text, pick a song from their list (or upload your own – just make sure it isn’t copyrighted) and Animoto creates the rest.  And it’s super fast.  I made my first trailer in under an hour.  And they look amazing!

Here’s the book trailer I made for my book, Mechanical:


You can check out the other book trailers I’ve made in the “Videos” tab up top.


Just thought I’d share.  Book trailers are SO fun to have for your books and I wish someone had pointed me to Animoto earlier. 😛


By the way, is the site I went to for any photos I used in my book trailers.  You can use the photos for free as long as you credit the site and the creator of the photo/image in your video description.


Hope this helped and have fun making your book trailers!


~ Pauline

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