10 days until Mechanical comes out!  And I’m beyond excited.  It’s ridiculous.  I wrote Mechanical when I was fifteen, two years ago, this month, actually. 😉 I remember sitting on a six hour plane flight home from a vacation, writing diligently on my laptop, thinking to myself the whole time, “Maybe this will be the one.”

Mechanical wasn’t only my first real book, my first real literary accomplishment, but writing the whole series taught me a lot about myself.  After a billion rejection letters in the first month of querying, I learned not to take myself too seriously, to step back and fix the problems.  After the first year of rejection letters I learned not to give up, not to take is as a failure, and to keep trying.  I learned while writing the last chapter of my series, how similar I am to Drew – how she was a different person on page one of Mechanical and how I was as well.  I learned that, like Drew, making mistakes and not being perfect, was okay.

It was a crazy, fun adventure writing and finding a publisher for Mechanical and my biggest hope is that readers like it as much as I liked creating it.


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