Public Speaking…


Soooo, I started school this week.  Scary.  Very scary.  College!  I mean…scary.  

I’ve been dreading this week (especially my speech class because, ohmygoodnessgracious I am TERRIFIED of public speaking!!!) and along with college classes I’m doing some online high school thingamajig.  Crazy stuff.  Needless to say, my week was relatively painless and I survived in one piece, thankfully.  Anyway, I’ve decided that this lovely blog post will be centered around the idea of public speaking, something I’ve unfortunately, reluctantly and forcefully come into contact with this last week, most likely scarring me for life.  

I’d like to start out with how SCARY this is.  I mean, I hope I’m not the only one who feels faint at the idea of speaking in front of a large group of people about something that will most likely exit your mind the moment you get up there.  Like George Jessel said, “The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.”  So true.  So utterly and miserably true.  Standing in the front of the class this morning giving my introductory speech (and this isn’t even one of the real speeches, I mean, this is the ‘Hey I’m Pauline and I’m gonna talk for like two seconds about me’ speech, and I was still crazy nervous) I was shaking and suddenly forgetting what my hobbies are and where I live.  Ugh.  

Frustratingly enough, as I’ve submersed myself into the literary world, trying to figure out how it all works, I’ve realized that public speaking is almost essential to good book marketing.  I was like, “NO…”.  I can’t even believe this, but it’s so true.  Being able to stand up and talk about your book, why it’s amazing, why you should buy it, and then add some interesting facts about yourself, grabs people and makes them want to learn more about you and your book.  Being able to speak clearly and efficiently (as my speech teacher likes to emphasize) is key to getting your point across.  

It’s really a frustrating thing to think about, especially for someone like me, knowing that grasping this skill would help so much, but that I’m just so afraid to try.  In my speech textbook is says that the majority of people experience anticipatory anxiety when it comes to public speaking, and although a little anxiety is good, a crippling amount is detrimental.  Well, all I need to do is chop off about ninety-nine percent of my anxiety and I’ll be good to go.  Hopefully.

So, I’m trying to look as this class as an opportunity, not a requirement high school and college teachers come up with to punish every living student on the planet, and hopefully I’ll be better at public speaking by the end of this class.  Or at least, not terrified.

So if you’re reading this (and that’s a big fat if) I hope I didn’t ramble or send you away thoroughly disgusted.  I’m just experimenting with this new blogging craziness.

Have a wonderful day!


~ Pauline  

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