Hi, I’m Pauline

Hi, I’m Pauline, I’m sixteen years old, and I wrote a book called Mechanical.

I had no idea how to start my first blog entry so I thought it might be best to introduce myself, and explain why I’m writing this, so at least you know who I am.

All writers have blogs.  I’ve come to this conclusion.  Even people who don’t write have blogs.  People blog about food, about fashion, about books, even about what they ate for breakfast.  So I thought, weeeellll…since other writers blog, I should too.  And since I wrote a full length novel, I should probably be able to write a few paragraphs and throw them into a blog once in awhile, right?  Strangely, this small task is daunting and quite frankly, terrifying.  I don’t know how to write a blog.  But then, I guess no one did when they started, right?

So many people have told me to start a blog.  I would nod congenially and smile but inside I would be screaming, about what??  Help me!  I keep reminding myself that I can write.  That I’m being published (OMG yay!) so that must say something about my writing skills.  But I’ve been avoiding this first blog post for forever.  It seems strange that one form of writing can come so easily when other forms frighten me to death.

Anyway, this blog is going to be an attempt at explaining and talking about the publishing journey, including other books and reviews, publishing from a teenager’s point of view, and being a teenager in general, crammed into one.  Because, basically, those are really the only things I know anything about.  And even the teenager thing is kind of a stretch…I’m still trying to figure it out.

So, to sum up my entry, I’d like to say that this wasn’t as terrifying as I had imagined and hopefully it isn’t terrible.  But, you’ve got to start somewhere.

– Pauline

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